Plane-Site works at the interface of urban form, cultural space and social life. We are a global agency designed to support organizations that operate in the realm of the built environment by supplying them with the resources they need to connect and grow.

At Plane-Site we create narratives based on quality content that is original, stimulating and relevant. By conceptualizing and broadcasting information, we help you connect with target  audiences and clients. Plane-Site consolidates, interprets, and communicates content that is conducive to knowledge creation and retention.  

Drawing from interdisciplinary networks and global expertise, we propose multiple formats of investigation that not only inform but prompt creative solutions. With a fresh and analytical response to the built environment, Plane-Site promotes quality content, community building and  knowledge creation. With tailor-made solutions, we engage with the commercial real estate, planning, engineering, architecture and technology via social and digital marketing.


Plane-Site serves as a platform and marketplace of information. Integrating research and focused interdisciplinary analysis, we propose a people- based approach to generate content related to the built environment and interdependent fields of knowledge.