Content comes in many shapes and forms.

We see content as a process that begins with the very first inception of an idea and evolves all the way to the analysis of its impact.

A growing supply of instant information threatens to bury us under a clutter of seemingly useless content. Most people these days are self-proclaimed publishers and everyone is suspiciously selective of what they choose to consume.

Plane—Site believes that sharing compelling stories about the built environment is how we inspire communities to innovate and progress. Quality content is the only way to cut through the superfluous congestion of the information age and successfully deliver valuable insight that actually interests audiences.

Plane—Site is a global agency that works at the interface of urban form, cultural space and social life.

We generate original content that provides organizations with perspective and context. Armed with the best medium and language, organizations can own their ideas and become intellectual agents. At Plane—Site we strive to create captivating narratives that are both relevant and stimulating. We promote a selective exchange of ideas by offering full-cycle content consulting in the realm of the built environment and its users.